My Portfolio:


I completed a one month SEO Bootcamp with one of the most accomplished SEO Specialist in the Philippines and founder of PinoySEO which is none other than: Coach/Mentor Leandro Padilla. The Bootcamp covered all the aspects of SEO and gained a significant amount of knowledge and skills to become an SEO specialist. 

Social Media Manager-Hugot Paradise Beach Resort Extension

As a Social Media Manager for the business, I handle and manage the Facebook page. I post daily contents, edit photos and videos, engaging and interacting with the potential customers and ensuring that the Facebook page is active. I also optimized the business profile on Google My Business Profile.

I worked for The Fort Cafe as an SEO Specialist focusing mainly on On-Page optimization. I was tasked to do website audit, converting images to webp format, creating page contents, keyword research and page speed optimizations.

Keyword Researcher-Sassafras Furniture

I help the lead SEO specialist to produce certain keywords for the business website.

                 Local SEO Specialist / GMB Specialist-MaidBlast

                                                               I optimized GMB profiles for the business and update the profiles with necessary and accurate information. 

SEO Tools that I use: